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Your turf grass lawn is the groundcover that pulls all of your other landscape elements together but a healthy green lawn does more for you than just look nice. You may not realize that your grass absorbs noise and reduces glare. It absorbs dust and particulates from the air while utilizing CO2 and emitting oxygen. During the heat of summer, a healthy growing lawn absorbs heat and decreases the energy that your air conditioner needs to cool your house.

Your partner in caring for your lawn in the communities of New Prague, Jordan, Lonsdale, Montgomery, LeCenter, Waterville, Waseca, and Eagle Lake, Minnesota is Turf Tech Lawn Services Inc. Serving this area since 1995, Turf Tech provides personal, professional lawn care to help you get all of the benefits that you can from your lawn. With our science-based lawn care practices and your attention to proper mowing and watering, your lawn will look and perform its very best.