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Maybe you've been disappointed with the results you get when you do your own lawn fertilization and weed control, or you're fed up with paying for lawn care because you just can't see that it's making a difference. Perhaps you just don't have time and would rather do other things instead of hassling with equipment, bags and sprayers.


Turf Tech Lawn Services has been helping people get the green, healthy lawns they want since 1995. With Turf Tech, you get science-based care with old-fashioned customer service. 

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We love how our lawn looks. It's the best lawn on the block. We tried doing it ourselves and could never get the results that we get with Brian and Turf Tech Lawn Services.

Kathy Peterson

I'm very satisfied with the service we get. I wouldn't have anyone else. We have the best lawn on the block and everyone compliments us on our yard.

Joan Ruhland

I tried to do my lawn myself but couldn’t get the results I wanted. Then I started with Turf Tech Lawn Services and have been a happy customer for 16 years.

Nancy Slechta

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What to Expect

It’s unrealistic to expect that any lawn will be weed free 100% of the time, however, when you have full season lawn care with us, weeds will be kept under control and successive seasons of care will significantly reduce problems with both crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.


Full season lawn care provides the input of nutrients that we know will give you the best results, but the way you mow and water your lawn affects its quality. We will advise you on best practices, and help you to diagnose any problems that might occur due to weather, differing micro-environments (such as shade and sun) on your lawn, or other factors.

We're always available for questions, and our full season lawn care programs include service calls for weeds at no extra charge, so you can spend your time outside relaxing, not working on your lawn.

A healthy, green lawn is more than a place to relax and play --
  • Improves the value of your property

  • Helps your air conditioner by absorbing summer heat

  • Cleans the air as it absorbs dust and pollutants

Isn't it time to stop spending money on lawn care that doesn't get results and start using the lawn care services that will help you get the best lawn in the neighborhood?

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