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A lawn that is receiving the water and nutrients it needs, is being mowed properly, and is aerated at least once a year will naturally be more weed-free than a lawn that is not. By doing all we can to promote the health and vigor of the turfgrass, we dramatically reduce the amount of herbicides needed to keep weeds from becoming a problem.

From a control stand-point, it's extremely important that all unwanted plants be properly identified. Whether the weeds are grassy or broadleaf, annual or perennial, it makes a difference in how you plan your approach.

Broadleaf Weed Control


Broadleaf weed control is provided with each visit via liquid spray. Broadleaf weeds can be treated throughout the growing season but spring is the time of year when they will be most prevalent. If your lawn is severely infested with weeds, we will spray the entire area. Otherwise, we will only spot spray as needed.

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass control is included in Turf Tech Lawn Programs with one application of pre-emergent herbicide, formulated with fertilizer. Efforts to control crabgrass and other annual grasses focus on preventing their growth in the spring and early summer. The effectiveness of pre-emergent herbicides has much to do with weather conditions.

Lawns with excessive annual grassy weed populations may take several seasons to be brought under control. Post-emergent sprays are available at additional charge

Sedge Control


Products are now available to control SEDGES in turfgrass. Sedges, which are neither true grasses nor true broadleaf plants, can be identified by their lime-green color, their waxy, triangular leaves and their tendency to stick out above the turf. Sedge control is offered as a separate service, not included in lawn programs.

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Learn about the difference between broadleaf and grassy weeds, annual and perennial weeds.

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