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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Care - Fertilization

Proper fertilization promotes healthy turf, trees, and shrubs, and its benefits go deeper than what your eye can see. Healthy plants can better withstand the stresses of drought, disease, and insects. Healthy turf can also compete better with weeds. Think of fertilizing your lawn as part of a fitness plan for plants: get it healthy; keep it healthy and it won't need so many "medicines."

Although there are pros and cons of granular versus liquid fertilizers for lawns, we prefer granular applications and we believe that slow-release granular fertilizers are a better choice for lawns than fast-release formulations because they provide a consistent supply of nutrients over a period of several weeks. When slow-release granular fertilizers are used, lawns can get their seasons's supply of nutrients in just four or five applications as opposed to six or more for most fast-release liquid applications.


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We are very satisfied with his service and would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their lawn.  -- Mark Shaughnessy

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