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What Our Customers Say

We appreciate the kind words that our customers have shared with us. 

Brian is polite and gets the job done, and I get the results I want. What more could you

ask for?

Nancy Slechta

We started with Turf Tech because we’re just too busy to do lawn care ourselves. The difference in our lawn is very obvious. We always feel like we’re getting a lot for our money.

Jody Steffen

I just automatically sign up every year. There’s no reason to look elsewhere for a nice green lawn. Turf Tech’s customer service is great. They’re always right on time.

Ron McBroom

We appreciate getting advance notice of applications and we trust him to work on our property whether we’re home or not.

Kathy Peterson

We’re very satisfied with the look of our weed-free lawn. Brian does a great job making sure the weather is right for the application and lets us know by phone or email the day before he treats the lawn.  

Mark Shaughnessy

We have the best lawn on the block. Everyone compliments on our yard. I would refer anyone to Turf Tech.

Joan Ruhland

Ready to get the lawn you want?
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