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Lawn Renovation
Lawn Overseeding and Establishment with Slit Seeding

Slit Seeding is a mechanical method of sowing grass seed. The Slit Seeding machine uniformly places seed directly into the soil. Because soil-seed contact is essential for germination, Slit Seeding is the most efficient way to grow new grass from seed.

Slit Seeding can be used to start new lawns but it is also used to overseed existing lawns to fill in bare areas or to rejuvenate old lawns with new growth and/or introduce new varieties of turfgrass to the lawn.



Bare or thin areas in lawns can be caused by a variety of different factors. Lack of proper fertilization, insect or disease problems, severe drought and heat stress, increased shade on the turf, improper mowing, or severe thatch and compaction problems can all decrease a lawn's health and vigor.

Before and After Overseeding Grass

Slit Seeding can address the symptoms and the causes of some lawn problems at the same time. New growth will fill in declining areas. Choosing grass seed that addresses the special conditions of the lawn can help to avoid the re-occurrence of the problem in the future, or at least, lessen its severity.


Moderate corrections in the grade of your lawn can be corrected at the time of seeding including leveling or filling ruts, holes or other imperfections in the soil surface.

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Core Aeration for lawns

Lawn Renovation

Slit Seeding to establish a new lawn is less expensive than sod and can, in fact, give you a better lawn in the long run because of the wider choice of seed for different sites. It takes several seasons, however, to attain a thick, mature lawn.

A lawn is only as healthy as the soil it is planted in and many of the problems we encounter on the lawns we care for are compounded by unhealthy soils. We emphasize the importance of proper soil preparation and recommend rototilling or discing to break up the soil prior to seeding. Organic material such as well-rotted manure or compost can be added at this time and will improve the composition and texture of the soil. Then grading, raking, or dragging to level the bed will make it ready for seed.

Mulching the seeded area helps to retain moisture and discourage erosion.

Turf Establishment
Lawn establishment by slit seeding

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