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About Us

Turf Tech Lawn Services is Locally Owned and Operated

I started at Turf Tech when I was 15 years old, working as assistant to Scott, the founder of the company. Through the seasons, I learned about the science of turfgrass and how to run a business that treats people the right way. 

When Scott was ready to sell the business, he knew that I would carry on his philosophy of science-based lawn care with exceptional customer service that keeps customers coming back year after year.

Now, along with the administrative assistance from my wife, Alex, we continue to grow our business by paying attention to the details that set us apart from the assembly-line companies who try to compete with us.

If you are tired of lawn care that doesn't work and being treated like a number, give Turf Tech a try and I promise you that I'll treat your lawn as if it were my own.

Brian Miller, Owner, Turf Tech Lawn Services, Inc.

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