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What to do after your lawn application

What to do after your lawn application

Your Turf Tech professional will leave instructions and personal notes, if necessary, following each visit to your property, and will post a sign in your yard, as required by law, after any control product has been applied. Instructions will ask you to:

***Please keep children and pets off the lawn until the spray has completely dried, usually 1 - 4 hours, depending on weather conditions.

***Please wait 24 hours after an application before watering. After that, it is important that water be applied in order to activate the fertilizer. An application usually needs 1 - 4 hours to dry.

***If it rains on the day we have visited, monitor the lawn for the next 10 days. If the weeds aren't "curling" give us a call and we will respray.

***It's best if you wait one to two days after an application before mowing. The weed spray works through the leaves so we don't want to snip the leaves off until the spray has had a chance to translocate throughout the plant.

Customer Care

Service Calls

We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions or concerns about their lawn. Service calls are provided to full program customers at no additional charge. (Full program is four or five applications per season.) If additional treatment is warranted, we will provide you with a price quote for the options that might be available.

Service Calls

Telephone or email notifications of scheduled services

Telephone or email notifications of scheduled services


We will telephone or email a day in advance of any scheduled lawn application. We are, perhaps, the only lawn and landscape service company that offers such a level of communication, and we feel it is well worth the effort.


Please inform us before 7:00 the day of the service if there is any reason why we cannot perform services on that day. If we arrive at your property and can't do our work for some reason and you have not informed us of a conflict before 7:00 am that day, (gates are locked, other contractors in the way, irrigation system running, irrigation system not flagged for core aeration, mowing taking place, etc) we may not be able to reschedule for several days, depending upon your location.

Preparing your lawn for core aeration


All in-ground systems such as irrigation heads and valve boxes, or invisible fencing for pets need to be clearly marked by the property owner prior to core aeration. Turf Tech Lawn Services will perform the aeration with care but cannot accept responsibility for any damage done to such systems.

Preparing your lawn for core aeration

Payment Terms and Discounts

Payment Terms


Payment for services rendered is due 10 days following date of service. Subsequent services cannot be performed until previous amounts have been paid. A service charge of 1.5% per month will be added to accounts 30 days past due. Turf Tech Lawn Services Inc. reserves the right to require prepayment of any service for any customer who have a slow or no-pay history.

Prepayment Discount

We offer a 5% prepayment discount for lawn program customers who prepay for their entire season before February 15th. After that date, you may choose to prepay if that is convenient for you but the discount does not apply.

Senior Discount

We offer a 5% Senior Discount for customers aged 65 and over who purchase a full-season lawn care program..

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